Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support

At Cochise Family Advocacy Center Lori's Place, we offer comprehensive trauma-focused therapy services to support victims of abuse and trauma, focusing on crisis response and abuse treatment. Our specialized approach includes forensic interviews, medical examinations, victim advocacy, and mental health and peer support.

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Forensic Interviews

A forensic interview is a structured conversation aimed at gathering precise details about potential events that a child or vulnerable adult may have undergone. These events may encompass instances of abuse, neglect, or exposure to violent crimes. These interviews, conducted by trained forensic interviewers, adhere to legal standards.

Forensic interviewers receive specialized training to interact with victims in a manner that aligns with their developmental, emotional, psychological, and cultural needs. Upon receiving a referral from law enforcement or the Department of Child Safety, we promptly schedule an appointment with the forensic interviewer.

The interviewer skillfully elicits information without posing leading or suggestive questions, fostering a secure environment for children to share their experiences. Recognizing that recounting instances of abuse can be traumatic, we record the interview to ensure that victims only need to recount their stories once.

The interviews are open to observation by every member of the multidisciplinary team, granting them access to the same information. This collective approach enables informed decision-making in their respective cases.

Medical Exams

Our sexual assault examinations provide essential care to child and adult victims of sexual abuse and assault, administered by skilled Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANEs).

These examinations not only safeguard the client's physical well-being but also entail meticulous documentation, evidence collection, and preservation. Utilizing a Sexual Assault Evidence Collection Kit, our specially trained nurses gather and protect potential physical and forensic evidence found on the client's body or clothing.

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Victim Advocacy Services

Our comprehensive victim advocacy services encompass the following:

  • Crisis interventions, safety planning, and support for clients and family members.
  • Assessment of individual needs and cultural considerations.
  • Coordination of the multidisciplinary response.
  • Education and access to victims' rights and compensation.
  • Assistance in obtaining concrete services.
  • Updates on case status.
  • Civil and criminal court accompaniment.
  • Participation in case review meetings.

At the core of our organization are our dedicated Victim Advocates. Each advocate undergoes specialized training encompassing victim rights, Victim Advocacy, Confidentiality, HIPAA regulations, Mandatory Reporting, and Crisis Intervention, ensuring comprehensive support for survivors.

Mental Health Support

At Cochise Family Advocacy Center Lori's Place, we offer on-site mental health services, including crisis management, risk assessments, and trauma therapy.

Trauma-focused therapy is a specialized approach aimed at comprehending the profound impact of traumatic experiences on mental, behavioral, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual well-being. It acknowledges the link between trauma and emotional/behavioral responses, with the goal of equipping clients with skills and strategies to better comprehend, cope with, and process emotions and memories associated with traumatic events.

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